Founders of Panic and Anxiety Recovery GroupWe started Panic and Anxiety Recovery Group because after 20 years of living with unbearable panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxiety that stopped us from working, traveling, shopping and socializing, we NOW lead happy productive lives – and we want to share what we learned with others!

It is also our goal to set up a network of recovery groups and make them available to everyone experiencing overwhelming anxiety, panic, depression, phobias and OCD’s.

More Information About Us

Dennis’s Story

I had my first panic attack at 18 years old, many years ago, while in high school. I never did finish school because of that and spent the next 20 years developing all the wrong coping skills, self-medicating with alcohol and pills to get me though the day. I was panic ridden and avoided most everything as everything gave me overwhelming anxiety and panic!

After countless psychiatrists, psychologists, diets and so called “miracle cures” I finally stumbled into a recovery group in my area and learned more in 1 hour than all the other programs I had subscribed to throughout the years. I now live my dream life and have gone on to teach others how to live the life they have always dreamed of.

Debra’s Story

I was devastated by my first panic attack at the age of 21. The overwhelming fear of having another one caused me to become agoraphobic. I spent the next 20 years cowering in my home afraid of everything and anxious all the time. I managed on raising 3 great kids, but sometimes the feelings of panic would be more than I could handle.

In 1995, at the end of my rope, I finally agreed to attend a group meeting. I was terrified of going and I truly thought it would kill me. But, just the opposite. I learned tools and skills and met amazing people that helped me to get MY LIFE BACK plus MORE!

For me, it was the best day of my life when I attended that meeting! Now I facilitate it!

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