Can Anxiety Be Cured In A Day?

Can anxiety be cured in one day?

Character is not built in one day.
Skills are not built in one day.
Excellence is not built in one day.
We do not grow old in one day.
We do not learn how to talk in one day.
I could go on and on, hopefully you get my drift. Using the words “do not” may seem negative or blunt, but it serves my purpose to make a strong point.

Our belief system is not established in one day.
Belief can be described as a habitual thought pattern- by the nature of belief systems it takes time to establish them.
This reminds us that when we take a walk through the woods, for example, we can look back and not see that we walked there. If we walk that same path many times we will notice a pathway which can be easily seen.  This works the same with the mind, we have to think the same thought over and over again, and then we have a pathway in the mind which is easy-to-follow. Remember to cultivate the positive, helpful thoughts because this becomes our Belief.
I believe that some people that come to the group or take lessons on how to overcome anxiety are disappointed because they don’t find a quick fix.
We tend to be a “fix it now” society; our attention span seems to be so short.
Real life begins at the end of our comfort zone.
I love the saying— don’t ask that our life be made easier, ask that we become stronger.
We like to do the things that make us feel good.
Taking on anxiety is work, and to start with, it doesn’t always feel good, as we have to change some of our belief system and take on the fear.

Tip of the week:
A great way to stay on track with our recovery, is to look at the end results. When we have overcome anxiety, how will we feel?  What would be our emotion – happy?.., excited?.., it would be a feel-good emotion;, hold on to this emotion.

Emotion is the force of life — the right emotion can pull or push us to recovery, accept that it may take a little time.

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery,

Dennis Signature Debra

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