Create Your New Year Anxiety Free!

Create Your New Year Anxiety Free!!

There is much talk at this time of the year regarding the making and keeping of New Year Resolutions.  We base our resolutions on what we want to change or improve in our lives.

This practice dates back thousands of years ago to Babylon, Egypt and China.  For us with anxieties it is a great practice, as it makes us focus on improving our lives which is a great step in overcoming anxiety. 

The unfortunate part of this practice is that statistics say that only a small percentage of people, approximately 12% of us that set resolutions for the New Year, will be successful in accomplishing their resolutions.

The big question is….why do so few of us succeed?

Don’t take offense to the next statement, but it applies to most of us humans…our minds are “lazy”.

And then, those of us with an anxiety disorder add another problem into the mix,  we are “afraid”!  Two strikes against us and we haven’t even got out of bed yet!

So, what is it that we have to do in order to succeed in achieving our resolutions. 

To begin with, accept and realize that our own brain can sabotage our plans.  Researchers at universities such as Scranton and Pennsylvania discovered that for people to succeed in their goal setting, they had to be fully willing and ready to commit to making a change and to reinforce their affirmations, pledges and changed behaviors on a daily basis.  Many of the successful achievers used social networks of family, friends and colleagues to keep them on track and accountable for success.  Those of us who were not successful tended to engage in more wishful thinking and self-blame. 

Although it is easier to succeed with encouraging and positive people in our lives, we can still achieve goals on our own if we have to… lets get started!   

1.  Learn how to relax and meditate and practice daily.  Purchase or borrow C.D.s that contain guided meditations.  Guided meditation helps us through the process.  Commit to doing this every day.

2.  Think about 3 changes you want to make in your life and create 3 goals around these changes.  Take a couple of days to make sure this is what you want to achieve.

3.  Write all 3 goals down with the most important one at the top.  Writing down the goals is very important and critical to achieving.  So, again……write down those goals and elaborate on them.  Place them in a spot where you can see them every day!  Look at them!  Think about them!  Daily!  Very Important!

4.  Create a daily commitment sheet and each morning choose to do one small thing that will bring you closer to realizing your goal.

5.  Visualize your goals as being accomplished.  How would your life look?  How would you feel?  What are you doing?  This is necessary for the mind as we are hugely impacted by emotion.  Visualization will help us to find ways to move forward.  This may seem like fluff but it is proven to work, so, important to visualize!

6.  Find someone who will be your accountability partner.  This person will check in with you every week and ask for a progress report. If you want to improve your possibility of success promise to pay this person an agreed amount of money if you don’t achieve your goals or steps to your goals within a certain time frame.

7.  Write down a step by step plan of how you will move forward, then work the plan.

8.  Each day write down 5 things you are grateful for.  This works miracles in our brain and reinforces positive thoughts which creates more energy.

9.  When a goal has been accomplished, reward yourself! 

In following these steps, you will have success!!!

Lets make 2012 the best year ever!

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