I Claim a Better Life

I Claim A Better Life


We have read many articles about fear, as it has been a big concern of ours because of our own experiences with anxiety disorders. 
Fear, in life and of life, can and does keep us from reaching our full potential.  Many times when thinking of starting something new, a certain amount of fear will enter into our thinking, mostly the fear of….What If?–What if this horrible thing happens? What if I fail? What if I make a fool out of myself? What if I make a mistake?  What if I am wrong?  The list goes on and on……the unknown can bring on alot of doubts and fears about our ability to cope. 
It is at this point where we can stay as we are or we can choose to move into and past the fear towards positive growth. 
To have a more fulfilled life we must grow beyond our limited thinking, pushing through and past the fear that holds us back.
We know that fear manifests differently in each of us but, beyond a shadow of a doubt, only good things can come from taking it on.
The following article puts a good spin on the subject of fear. It was written by Chris Michaels, a minister for the Center for Spiritual Living in Missouri, author, life coach,and national speaker.

“Fear and doubt are normal human reactions to growth.  They are evidence of your past limited beliefs about what is possible for your life.  They are knee-jerk responses to old programming.  As you start to claim a greater life experience, fear and doubt will naturally float to the surface of your thinking.  They are evidence that you are moving beyond your past into a whole new vision for your life.
The mistake that many people make when they encounter fear or doubt is to retreat back into the comfort zone.  They see fear as a stop sign rather than a line that delineates the old from the new.  They become afraid and run back to the comfort of their past behaviors. 
To live well, you must do something different with your fears.  see them as a sign of growth.  Use them to push you further ahead into the new vision you’re creating.  don’t be afraid of your fears.  Embrace them.  See them for what they truly are:  old ideas mourning their own loss. 
Once you have shone the light of wisdom on your fear, recommit yourself to the vision of a good life.  dedicate the rest of your time to envisioning a life of continued health, love, joy, and abundance.  You have the ability to live the life of your dreams  It’s not only where you place your faith that matters.  It’s also what you do with your fears.”

So, do whatever it takes to keep taking those little steps forward and we thank you for the opportunity to share what we have learned, hoping in some way, it will make your journey faster.  Find a group, start a group, we are not alone in this disorder and there is power in talking and facing this problem.

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery,

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  1. Nathalie says:

    Very nice to read this. I love your website. It always make me feel less alone in all this. Thanks for all the great things you do.


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