Living an Anxiety Free Life

It dawned on me the other day, while looking at the abundant greenery around me that developing the life we want is a lot like gardening.

To create a beautiful garden we first must get educated about gardening.  We do this through reading gardening books and magazines and  talking to experienced gardeners.

Then, the next step would be to prepare the soil by removing lots of unwanted weeds that we know won’t bring us vegetables, at least enough weeds that we can start planting seeds and the plants we do want.

When overcoming anxiety the same concept applies; get educated about the disorder, and what we need to do to start on a road to recovery and, like gardening, remove the weeds or thoughts that are not serving us well, at least enough thoughts to be able to start to plant seeds.

We don’t have to, nor sometimes are we able to remove all the negative thoughts that are not serving us well, just make room for new thoughts. The unwanted thoughts, like weeds, can be removed during the growing season.

Weeds will continue to grow throughout the season just like improper thoughts, but we watch our garden just like our mind and we remove the unwanted weeds (thoughts) when we discover them.

Then, it is time for us to plant the seeds we want; we must plant the seeds to start with, or nothing will be produced.

We choose what seeds based on  what vegetables we desire, the same with our minds, we plant the thoughts in our minds we know will serve us well.

Like a garden of which we must “water ” and “weed” (and we can fertilize, organic of course),
we can nourish our minds by giving our new good thoughts daily attention and positive affirmations.

We “weed” by removing unwanted thoughts that seem to creep in when we are not paying attention. We fertilize our mind by adding more understanding and ideas on how to achieve what we desire.

Now we get to watch the plants grow!

In the garden we may need support structures to hold up the tomato plants.  In life it is always great to have positive people who will support us on our journey.

Then comes the ripe tomatoes, harvest time!  We can enjoy our efforts and hard work.

Because of all the weeding, sowing, watering and fertilizing I have done, I am now so grateful for the wonderful life I live and the infinite possibilities that are awaiting me……keep weeding!!!

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery,

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