Recovering From Anxiety Disorders

I have come a long way, baby!
When I look at the picture of me to the left, holding a tray of appies, I smile big. The picture was taken on a cruise ship on our way through the Caribbean with members of both of our families. Something I never thought I would of been able to do….in fact I never even dared to dream I could come that far! From pretty much totally incapacitated from panic attacks to travelling to far off places.

The process of overcoming my anxiety disorder reminds me of my practise of running for exercise. First, I had a starting point–I may start by walking, getting the legs used to what I am preparing to do.

This was the same with overcoming my anxiety–I got educated on what I needed to do to get well. I got this from the anxiety recovery group I attended and reading everything I could on the subject. Thus–the walk–to be good at what I want to accomplish in my life, I have to FOCUS on the process on how to get better.

Next, from the walk, I started to jog–my slow run.

Through the process of recovery I gained more confidence and moved faster towards my goals, incorporating the tools I learned, taking the fear on and conditioning my body.

Then, I broke into a run……The more I understood, the more fear I was able to take on, and the faster I could run!

Then, as in running, eventually I have to stop and take a rest. I use that time to look back at how much I have accomplished and to practise my attitude of gratitude.

I may have setbacks along the way to my goals (like a sore knee) but I will never let it stop me. I may rest, but eventually I will get back to the run.

In fact, those setbacks, in running as in anxiety disorders, gives me the opportunity to make note of some changes I have to make, then off I am again taking on life and winning!

My hope for all of you is keep on running!

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery,


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