Thoughts and Anxiety

DennisThoughts and Anxiety
Yesterday was such a beautiful day; sun shining warm, birds churping….I just had to get outside and go for a walk.  There was wildlife around as I walked through the park, some rabbits, groundhogs, and lots of birds.  I stopped to watch the water rush down the creek bed.  It has slowed down a bit which is good.  I feel like I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  As I walked I would pass a ‘hi” or ”good morning” to other strollers passing by.  Most people would respond, some did not.  I guess it was where they were at in their world, or maybe they didn’t hear me, but all was just great.  With all this wonder and beauty around me, there is still something that always seems to bring me back to wondering if all is right in my world and where I could make it even better.  I noticed a young boy about 7 or 8 years old coming toward me.  He had a backpack on so I assumed he was walking to school.  The interesting part of this chance encounter between him and me was, as he got closer to me, I noticed him looking up at me and then away from me a number of times.  There was no smile on his face.  As we passed, I had a number of thoughts come to me.  I was about to say hi to him, then something caused me to not say anything.  He looked at me and then passed on.  I struggled with not saying hi…..what would this boy think?  With all the talk we hear in the media about possible child abuse in this world and how children should not trust adults, if I smiled and said hi to this boy, how would he preceive this?  I realize we must protect our children, but at what cost and are we doing it in the right manner?  The other side of this, by not acknowledging this boy, could he be possibly thinking others don’t care?  What to Do?
I was saddened by my thoughts, but the good that came out of this is, from now on, I will always say hello to anyone and everyone, child or adult, and let the chips fall where they may.  I think we can all use a smile and a friendly hello.  I know I can.  It certainly helps to make it a great day!
Wishing You A Speedy Recovery,
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